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Re: [emergence-of-nvc] Fwd: CNVC: Re: understanding NVC certification "bottleneck"

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  • Conal Elliott
    I m puzzled about miki s reluctance to joining the new discussion group while being interested in the discussion. The effort of joining is very small.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2006
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      I'm puzzled about miki's reluctance to joining the new discussion group while being interested in the discussion.  The effort of joining is very small.  There's no approval process.  There will be no more messages to receive than if they're relayed to another list.  And the messages will be a bit simper without the extra forwarding.  I'd love to hear of any difficulties or obstacles and have a chance to make things easier.

      Meanwhile, I'm very grateful to you, Dominic, for supporting ease and connection in this conversation.  I hope that soon people who are on the cnvc-trainers list and interested in this topic will join emergence-of-nvc and save you the effort.

      Regards,  - Conal

      On 11/30/06, Dominic Barter < domibeje@...> wrote:
      Dear all,

      I'm enjoying all the energy bubbling up around this question, which I have long found a satisfying area to investigate applying NVC principals to learning and organising structures.

      For those who enjoy seeing things through irony glasses here are two requests for this conversation to be held on the CNVC Certified Trainer's e-mail list, to which Conal and other folks not given the trainer title are not invited.

      Until another strategy emerges I will post e-mails on the subject that appear on the Trainer's list here.

      And happily do the same back, at least for the next few days.

      Glad to be here and grateful to be thinking such questions with engaged others.


      From:   miki@...
      Subject: RE: CNVC: Re: understanding NVC certification "bottleneck"
      Date: 30 November 2006 16:30:53 GMT-02:00

      i would very much like to receive conal's response, too. and i would not
      sign up for yet another listserve, so very much hope that the conversation
      can appear here. however, conal is not able to post anything to this list,
      because of not being certified (if i understand correctly). so how can we
      make sure the conversation flows if some of the people participating are not
      on this list?


      From: "susan skye" <susanskye@...>
      Date: 30 November 2006 15:17:20 GMT-02:00
      To: "Jeff Brown" <jeff@...>
      Subject: Re: CNVC: Re: understanding NVC certification "bottleneck"

      Dear Conal,

      I would very much like to hear your response to Jeff's question: what
      are your concrete observations that you refer to as a "bottleneck" and
      I would request that you do it to this email group as I imagine there
      are many people including myself who would like to hear your answer
      and who do not have time to get into yet another email group.

      If you are unwilling to do that, then would you please send me a
      private email with a copy of your response to Jeff. I am both puzzled
      and curious about what you said and wanting to understand.

      I will be offline from now until Dec 11 at our seven day intensive.


      p, send an email to:

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