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Re: [emergence-of-nvc] Re: understanding NVC certification "bottleneck"

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  • Conal Elliott
    Thanks Jeff, Susan and Jim for your request for clear observations around top-down assessment bottleneck . I love the question, as helping create anchor point
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2006
      Thanks Jeff, Susan and Jim for your request for clear observations around "top-down assessment bottleneck". I love the question, as helping create anchor point in the conversation.

      My belief in a "top-down assessment bottleneck" comes from the following sources. Some are observation, some interpretation, and some extrapolation. I would love for others to share their reasons as well.
      • Our local NVC organization has its own certification process. I have been disappointed in my own attempts to inspire those with certification to come to my trainings. While I'm delighted with the quality of my trainings from my own sense and the feedback of those attending, the lack of attendance by already-certified folks translated into lack of support by the organization, particularly welcoming my presence on the group web-site to advertise my trainings and other NVC offerings. I've heard similar disappointment and discouragement from others in the group.
      • In the Certification Support Program calls (facilitated by Scott Lewis), I've heard others expressing frustration with difficulty in getting time & attention from their assessors. I've understood some of them to be so discouraged with their difficulty and disconnection with underlying needs (rather than requirements) that I doubt they would continue if they had a supportive alternative. I would like people with those experiences to share their observations on this discussion group.
      • Considering the number of people registered in the certification process vs the number of assessors, I imagine that a bottleneck is inevitable, whether now or later. (There's a bit more detail in Emergence document section "the top-down assessment bottleneck".) In reading the book "Emergence" by Steven Johnson, I realized that such bottlenecks are inherent in any top-down quality control strategy, but not in the bottom-up strategies found in living systems.
      • This one is more subjective, based on my own internal experience and empathic connection with some others. I've noticed how my own interest & energy moved toward certification, and the more I worked at getting others' recognition & validation, the less connection I felt with my original fired-up, life-transforming inspiration about living & sharing NVC consciousness. In listening empathically to some others, I've heard a similar loss of energy, replaced with a less-than-joyful willingness to slog through a set of requirements that do not resonate with their life energy. In this sense, though I hadn't thought if it before I wrote the Emergence document, I see my own and others' interest in certification as being a bottleneck to the energy inspired to life and action by Marshall's insights and teachings.
      Hm. I'm feeling anxious at this point. I want to be understood I'm not saying CNVC certification should be any different from what it is, considering that it is an external certification process (external rather than self-certification). Rather, I want to see an alternative process with alternative goals that givesNVC-enlivened people direction and support that they can stay connected with and pursue with satisfaction and joy, and which do not have a built-in conflict between quality/health and growth. Concretely, my goals include
      • visibility of everybody who shares NVC;
      • learning community (i.e. a community that learns);
      • a support system for people who are passionate in their discovery of nvc, providing mentorship, freedom, resources on sharing effectively, and feedback on their sharing, and that does so without imposing top-down evaluation;
      • rapid growth and high degree of quality/health.
      With gratitude for this shared exploration,

        - Conal

      On 11/30/06, Jeff Brown <jeff@...> wrote:

      Hi Mel, I'm intrigued about the "alternatives to certification"
      project that PSNCC is creating, and wanting to learn and
      understand more. I understand that Conal has participated in
      some recent teleconferences with the certification candidates
      group (nvccertificationcandidates@yahoogroups.com ) and also
      introduced this idea. I have long been very interested in the
      topic of NVC certification, and how it can best support the
      sharing and spread of NVC around the world ... or how other
      strategies might complement certification, or possibly even
      replace it to serve the highest good of all concerned. Right
      now, to get a better understanding, I am curious about this
      statement: "Enable rapid growth of NVC consciousness by
      replacing the top-down assessment bottleneck with self-supporting
      community feedback." Could you, or someone else from PSNCC, say
      more about how you see the current "bottleneck," in particular
      what observations have been made that led to this description?
      For example, are people observing that the current structure is
      not producing as many certified trainers as they would like to
      see? Are people hearing candidates say that it's taking longer
      than they would like to set up an assessment session with their
      assessor? Is it taking 1 week/1 month/6 months to receive a
      response from the certification coordinator once the application
      for certification has been mailed? I am just trying to
      understand what is behind the term "bottleneck," and in what ways
      this is inspiring people to create an alternative to
      certification, which is a strategy to meet some needs. I'm
      curious if these needs could somehow be met through modifications
      to the current certification process, or whether I would be more
      excited about supporting an alternative to it. In addition to
      Mel and people in PSNCC, I welcome anyone who has come alive
      reading this to respond also -- this would help me get more
      understanding and connection with our network and the needs
      involved on this issue. Thanks, and have a great day!

      Warmly, Jeff
      Jeff Brown, Certified Trainer
      Member of Global Coordinating Council
      Center for Nonviolent Communication ~ www.cnvc.org
      812-320-3842 ~ Toll free: 877-755-0883

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      -------- Original Message --------
      Subject: CNVC: Supporting people teaching NVC
      From: Mel Sears <awakegiraffe@... >
      Date: Wed, November 29, 2006 12:18 pm
      To: 'CNC trainers list' < cnvc-trainers@yahoogroups.com>

      Hi, I have been asked to forward this message to you from some
      people in our local organization, PSNCC. There has been some
      discomfort around the label, 'trainer' and this is what has come
      out of that discussion. Mel

      Our local NVC network has been exploring an alternative to
      certification. While there are still more details to iron out,
      there's considerable interest within our group at this point. I
      expect to prototype this alternative locally and then offer it

      The full, evolving, collaborative proposal is at
      http://emergence.awakeningcompassion.com. To stimulate your
      curiosity, here is an excerpt:

      Our goal is to support learning, living, and sharing of NVC
      consciousness. We see tremendous potential for growth, and so we
      want to create a system that nurtures that growth. The main parts
      of the plan are as follows.

      Create a web-based matching system that helps connect people
      sharing and seeking NVC.
      Focus on supporting rather than evaluating.
      Create and nurture a learning community.
      Enable rapid growth of NVC consciousness by replacing the
      top-down assessment bottleneck with self-supporting community
      Support the continuing evolution of the NVC process.
      This plan is evolving and I welcome feedback, so as to continue
      improving it to meet needs around sharing NVC as effectively and
      joyfully as possible. To facilitate discussion, I've created a
      new discussion group:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/emergence-of-nvc, and I
      encourage you to participate.


      - Conal (http://conal.net and http://awakeningcompassion.com)

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