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  • Conal Elliott
    Hi (I)An-ok, Hurray -- thanks for accepting my dance invitation! Yes, the post of yours I meant was the one about NVC Camp . That one was a less clear choice
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2008
      Hi (I)An-ok,

      Hurray -- thanks for accepting my dance invitation!

      Yes, the post of yours I meant was the one about "NVC Camp".  That one was a less clear choice for me, because I liked the non-mainstream, non-CNVC nature of it, and because I would have enjoyed responding here to your reluctance to use the name "NVC camp" (as I replied on the cnvc-cerification e-list), considering cnvc's "request".

      I didn't get the Emergence connection when I read your post, and I still have to squint to find it there with your help below.

      Given this perspective mismatch and that I removed your post, I'm guessing you're seeing me in the Dominator role here and having a reaction of bitter disappointment, similar to mine when I see domination in a group or person where I thought I'd found partnership.

      I'm also guessing you don't really want me to play this role and "elaborate on the standards required for having proposals kept on this list".   I'd be happy to mull over my preferences some more, and see what clarity emerges and share the result with you.  Meanwhile, I have two suggestions:

      * Find or create a mailing list for NVC event/workshops, open to all, whether or not they're interested in Emergence.  I'd be glad to see such a list exist and clearly recommended in groups like emergence-of-nvc.  You could get wider coverage with less repetition.  So would Kathi and others who want to post announcements.

      * If and when you have another announcement that you'd like to share here, and you're not sure whether we're heading for another perspective mis-match, invite me to collaborate on some mutual clarity before posting.  For instance, I'd be delighted to see a post from you that clearly related "NVC Camp" to the Emergence vision, very briefly described the camp and gave a link to a web page, wiki, forum, etc with details and chance for discussion.  I bet you'd be also happier with the coherence of the discussion.  If you want help with the techie aspects, just ask.

      Sound fun?

        - Conal

      --- In emergence-of-nvc@yahoogroups.com, "(I)An-ok Ta Chai" <anarchotcs@...> wrote:
      > Heya Conal,
      > You wrote:
      > > I also saw some NVC workshop announcements
      > > (from Kathi and (I)An-ok) as well that I don't see as as closely
      > related to
      > > the Emergence topic as I'd like, and I've removed them from the \
      > >archive.
      > Reading this, I feel annoyed.
      > The only thing that I recall ever posting onto this group is something
      > related to my intention to have an "NVC Camp" at the national Rainbow
      > Gathering this summer. Perhaps I posted something else onto this list
      > which I have forgotten about? At any rate, I notice that my post about
      > that is now missing.
      > I would like for my reasonings behind this intention to have this camp
      >  be understood, considered, and acknowledged. I am viewing having such
      > a camp as being an experiment in new ways for offering & using NVC -
      > an experiment in sharing it. I explicitly wrote that in that e-mail,
      > and I thought that that is what this group is about.
      > Nonetheless, it seems as if you are viewing that as being "a
      > workshop". With this being the case, I honestly do not know what in
      > your mind constitutes as being a "workshop" nor do I know what
      > sufficiently crosses the threshold to be considered "new" and
      > "experimental" for you. I guess that we have different standards here,
      > but we've never talked about it before, so I don't know what each of
      > us is operating on.
      > Could you please elaborate on the standards required for having
      > proposals kept on this list?
      > In agitation for liberation,
      > (I)An-ok

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