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7connecting with Conal's "anchor point" (was Re: understanding NVC certification "bottleneck")

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  • Shulamit Day
    Dec 1, 2006
      • lack of support by the organization, particularly welcoming my presence on the group web-site to advertise my trainings and other NVC offerings. I've heard similar disappointment and discouragement from others in the group.
        [Shulamit Day] 
      I'd like to say, by way of connection, that my major motivation for embarking on the certification process is similar to what Conal has said above: a strategy for formal support and connection to and from a community of NVC practitioners/learners/lovers/livers who are asking questions simiular to mine by virtue of having similar amounts of experience and/or similar goals. Certification hasn't worked out to meet those needs for me. I'm also wanting and fearing I won't get acceptance by the NVC community for my offerings unless I'm certified by CNVC.  
      • In the Certification Support Program calls (facilitated by Scott Lewis), I've heard others expressing frustration with difficulty in getting time & attention from their assessors.
        [Shulamit Day] 
      Again, for connection, what comes up for me when I read the above is my understanding (she may have meant something different) that my assessor said it was inappropriate for assessees and assessors to have contact outside the actual assessment sessions because that would lead to a conflict of interest. I'm really wanting an assessment process that has more connection than that strategy provides. Also the concern of conflict of interest as being caused by connection (again, maybe I am misunderstanding) doesn't seem to me to be in alignment with how I understand NVC as a practice, nor with the educational application of NVC as I have understood it.
      • This one is more subjective, based on my own internal experience and empathic connection with some others. I've noticed how my own interest & energy moved toward certification, and the more I worked at getting others' recognition & validation, the less connection I felt with my original fired-up, life-transforming inspiration about living & sharing NVC consciousness.
        [Shulamit Day] right on. I can totally connect with you here Conal. You said (am I hearing you right?) that you value inspiration and certification as a strategy does not meet that need. My experience has been the same. I got so defeated in fact that I stopped "slogging  through a set of requirements that do not resonate with their life energy.

      Hm. I'm feeling anxious at this point. I want to be understood I'm not saying CNVC certification should be any different from what it is, considering that it is an external certification process (external rather than self-certification). Rather, I want to see an alternative process with alternative goals that givesNVC-enlivened people direction and support that they can stay connected with and pursue with satisfaction and joy, and which do not have a built-in conflict between quality/health and growth.
      [Shulamit Day] yesyesyes!!! Conal I *love* how you said this. It meets my needs for clarity, acceptance, and abundance! I'm also wanting an alternative process with the goals you have mentioned, because the certification process as it now stands doesn't really meet my needs for community, connection, support, and especially learning and inspiration.
      Looking forward to hearing what comes up in response to my words,