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6Fwd: [NVC-cert] Re: Alternative to certification: "Emergence" proposal

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  • Conal Elliott
    Dec 1, 2006
      Hi Jane,

      I'm glad for your clarifying questions.  I'm responding to the new group and the certification candidates group, as others may have the same questions.  Dominic offered to forward to the cnvc-certified trainers group.

      It's a new online discussion group, yahoo-style, like cnvc-trainers and nvccertificationcandidates.  That means you can either get each contribution in email or read them on the group web site (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/emergence-of-nvc), whichever is your preference.  Whichever option you prefer, no, you don't have to log to read the messages.  I set up the group permissions to be maximally open, except that I restricted posting to members, so as to prevent spamming.

      As for how many people will see your postings, I don't know at this point.  As I said, anyone who cares about this topic can come and look any time.  Moreover, the conversation is archived indefinitely, so our posts will be read by people who don't yet know about the group.

      Do these answers help?  Would you like to know anything else?

      Warmly,  - Conal

      On 11/30/06, Connor, Jane < jconnor@...> wrote:


      I appreciate your wanting a group for all trainers - certified and not.  But I find myself asking - who is going to receive this? is it a new list-serve? do people have to log on to read things? is it really worthwhile for me to go to the effort to post it if very few will see it?

      I applaud your initiative and am wanting some more information about what you have created to further my understanding.


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      Hi Jane,

      I really appreciate your response to Jim's question.  Would you be willing to repost it in the new group, so as to include folks not in the nvccertificationcandidates group?  Just go to


      to join.  If you have any snags in the process, please let me know and I'll help out.  I'll then ask Jim Manske to do the same with his most recent reply.  That way, the group archives will contain your message intact, in addition to Jim's response, which dices up your message.

      Warm regards,

      - Conal (http://conal.net & http://awakeningcompassion.com)

      On 11/6/06, Connor, Jane < jconnor@...> wrote:


      I remember hearing from Susan Skye that more than 150 people are
      registered as certification candidates in North America and I see about
      3-7 people from North America certified each year, as indicated by the
      Friends of CNVC list.

      I also notice that the ratio of the number persons certified from
      Western Europe relative to the number certified in North America (based
      upon introductions on the Friends of CNVC list)is about 5-10 to 1.

      I can also think of at least 10 persons whom I know personally whom I
      think of as having the skills and consciousness I associate with being a
      certified trainer, and who have felt extremely frustrated with the
      certification process (their words) and not been certified despite being
      registered for several years.

      I think of this as a "bottleneck." Does anyone else?

      Jane Connor

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      To: NVC cert-candidates
      Subject: [NVC-cert] Re: Alternative to certification: "Emergence"

      Greetings friends,

      I'd like some clarity about the "bottleneck".  Would someone be
      willing to give me an observation?



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