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56Re: [emergence-of-nvc] certification question

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  • Conal Elliott
    May 28, 2008
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      Hi Bhupinder,

      Whether or not you think you're ready, you have already received certification!  In your case, your students did the certifying, via their evaluations.  That kind of bottom-up certification (attestation) is much more meaningful to me than a top-down system, which is based more on abstractions and the past than on the living, breathing present.

      In making decisions, I like to measure what I care about.  Bottom-up assessment & certification (flowing from students & clients) measure how effectively I'm helping people enjoy life.

        - Conal

      On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 8:16 AM, Bhupinder Gill <bhupindergll@...> wrote:
      I myself really enjoy this approach.  I have received evaluations where participants over the last 2 years have indicated that they  learned and enjoyed from my teachings and yet, I am not sure that, I "am ready for certification...." or that anyone else would evaluate me for the "formal certification," papers.  I am not always enjoying the teachings and attitudes of all the formally certified trainers that I have met as they have not always met my needs.  I guess we are just all human at the end of the day....

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