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35Re: Possible Resource for Emergence of NVC

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  • (I)An-ok Ta Chai
    Mar 20, 2008
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      Heya Emma,

      I am intrigued by what you say here, in part because not too long ago
      I did a bunch of work with Drupal. I also set up the drupal site for
      the Washington D.C. area NVC group - http://www.capitolnvc.org/

      Now, what comes up for me reading what you wrote is - why not work
      with the CNVC over this? The CNVC recently switched their site
      (http://cnvc.org/) over to be a new drupal system, with the hopes of
      fostering more of an inter-connected grass-roots community thing.

      I figure, why go through all of the work of setting up a new Drupal
      system when one is already there - not only that, but one that already
      has all of the viewers that you will be wanting to get anyway! Much
      time & energy could be saved this way, I believe.

      I recommend that you contact the webmaster for the CNVC site directly
      about incorporating the Emergence vision into the new drupal site. I
      met him in person at the "Compassion In Action" NVC conference in
      Oakland, California the summer of 2006, and he struck me as a good
      person (ie, I had a sense of ease, flow, and trust in our
      interactions). He might very well be interested in doing this.

      His name is William Poehner and his e-mail address is: wpoehner@...

      Wishin' you well.

      In lib,


      --- In emergence-of-nvc@yahoogroups.com, "Emma McCreary" <emma@...> wrote:
      > Holly, I agree, Biznik is an excellent model to start with. Since they
      > use their own code, not a system already out there, there isn't an
      > easy way to just press 'copy' and have our own system like that
      though. =)
      > Drupal was described recently to me as "a dumptruck full of legos"
      > which I think is pretty accurate. It's very powerful, especially when
      > you add all the modules available to extend the base system. So I
      > think it is a good choice for building the site we are talking about.
      > We can use it to replicate functionality we like on Biznik and on
      > other community sites that we like.
      > Here is my status: I am learning Drupal right now. I am involved in
      > two projects right now that I'm going to be helping port to Drupal.
      > They are both existing sites, one is an online literary journal that a
      > friend runs and one is a content site of mine that I want to turn into
      > a community site. So over the next few months I'm going to be learning
      > Drupal really well.
      > So I think in a few months I'll be ideally suited to start building
      > the NVC-matching site that Conal describes here:
      > http://emergence.awakeningcompassion.com/
      > Meanwhile, we could figure out what we really want the site to be like.
      > So, my proposal is that we adopt that as the gameplan for now, and
      > start compiling a specification on what we want on the new site.
      > Conal, can we compile that list on the notebook above?
      > Here are some things to think about feature wise:
      > - what community features do we want? (create a profile, become
      > "friends" with other members)
      > - what content-writing features do we want? (ie can members write
      > articles, how are they approved?)
      > - comments on articles, comments on profiles
      > - how will comments be moderated?
      > - internationalization? translation?
      > The original specs Conal wrote up don't includes as much of the
      > "social networking" aspects as Biznik does. I am quite partial to
      > social networking sites. I would love to see a buzzing online
      > community of NVC folk connecting with each other, writing articles, etc.
      > I'm proposing this b/c it's my best guess of how we could implement
      > the system. As always, if people want to explore other strategies,
      > let's discuss.
      > Cheers,
      > Emma
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