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Entire Universe is Muslim;

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  • Soul
    Entire Universe is Muslim; As-salam-o-alaikum, In the realm of creation, Quran makes a clear distinction; There is Allah and everything besides HIM . With
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      Entire Universe is Muslim;


      In the realm of creation, Quran makes a clear distinction;

      "There is Allah and everything besides HIM".

      With created things (everything besides HIM), there are two basic categories:

      Whatever is surrendered to Allah�s will, and whatever is resisting HIS will.

      We are either following Allah�s way or the wrong way. All inanimate matter, such as rocks, comets, sun, moon, clouds, water, trees, other animals, and even atoms, follows well defined natural laws regarding their motion, atomic structure, properties and qualities. Quran commands that Allah established all natural laws and thus every physical material in the universe is surrendered to His will - that is, everything does what it was created to do, with full surrender mode. In that vein of thought, then, the entire non-living universe is considered to be surrendered to Allah. The whole universe follow Allah and his commandments, exactly as son of Adam asked to do so in order to achieve success.

      Thus the entire UNIVERSE IS MUSLIM. How can this strange statement be explained?

      If the word Muslim means to surrender to Allah and to acquire eternal peace, then whosoever follow Allah�s commandments/order is to be considered MUSLIM. That is how the word �Muslim" should apply to things other than son of Adam.

      The name of our religion is Islam and a person or thing that follows Islam is called Muslim, or surrendered one, and because the term is generic it can be applied to non-living things as well - whatever and whoever follows Allah�s will is a Muslim.

      Animals and plants are also considered to be Muslim in that they follow their innate instincts, which are sort of like their programming. Allah states in the Quran that HE taught animals and trees how to do their prayers, may by doing what they are doing they are serving son of Adam and this is the way they pray, like birds eats insects while they fly and bees makes honey, plants grow to serve son of Adam, moreover Allah also educate us in Quran that every species do Zikir-e-Allah. Moreover Quran tells us that rocks start rolling down from the mountains by the fear of Allah. These are all the signs of their surrender to the will of Allah.

      Allah made this clear in Quran that all living and non living thing praise HIM in their own way, this praise being an expression of their submissiveness to their Creator.

      Have you ever wondered why birds sing, frogs croak, cats meow, clouds roar, and ducks quack? Not all of it is for mating and establishing territory! Some of it is for the pure joy of being or may be �PRAISING ALLAH".

      Sadaq Allah al Azeem.

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