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Re: [ematthew] The Geneology

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  • MillerJimE@AOL.COM
    Larry Swain writes:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2003
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      Larry Swain writes:
      << So I began to wonder if this is idea isn't implicit in Matt. 1:1-17,
      that we are invited to read into the list the miraculous stories of
      barren births behind the geneologies.>>

      The first thing I notice about both the geneology of Matthew and that of
      Luke is that they are geneologies of Joseph who, in both accounts, is not the
      biological father of Jesus. He is the legal father. Miraculous birth, yes,
      but Mary hadn't time to be "barren" yet, she was still young and virgin. I
      think there is a theme, stronger in Luke than Matthew, that geneologies are
      ended and "Abraham's seed" has to do with something other than biological
      Jim Miller
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