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Update -- SBL E-Lister's Meeting

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Here s an update on those members of the Biblical Academic E-Lists who will/hope to be attending (circumstances permitting) the 6th annual SBL E-Listers
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2002
      Here's an update on those members of the Biblical Academic E-Lists who
      will/hope to be attending (circumstances permitting) the 6th annual SBL
      E-Listers gathering on Nov. 23rd at 11am in the exhibition hall at the
      Gramcord booth.

      If you are planning on attending SBL and/or the E-Lister's meeting but
      have not yet let me know of your plans, please do so OFF LIST (via
      jgibson000@...), stating

      (1) if and when and under what aegis you are presenting a paper, AND

      (2) what you consider to be your "home" E-List, and

      (3) any university or academic affiliation you might wish me to place
      beside your name in the "final tally" that I'll send out on the morning
      of Nov. 22nd.

      For information on this year's SBL Annual Meeting (Nov. 23rd-26th in
      Toronto), go to:





      Steven Gunderson, University of Surrey Roehampton
      Giving a paper on Pronouns in John's Gospel in the Biblical Greek
      Language & Linguistics Section

      Jan Hailey
      No Paper

      Carlton Winbery
      No Paper

      Ken Penner
      No Paper

      Randall Buth
      presenting a paper at Aramaic Studies RY-Whistler, Sunday 4-6pm “Where
      Is the Aramaic Bible at Qumran? Scripture Use in the First Century"

      and representing Rothberg, Hebrew University with a new undergraduate
      program designed for Christian Biblical Studies majors. (c/o Accordance,
      Oaktree Software booth)

      Susan Jeffers
      no paper

      Bill Warren
      No Paper

      Trevor Peterson, CUA/Semitics
      No Paper

      James Bowick – at the Harper Collins/Harper San Francisco Booth
      No Paper


      Nicolai Techow, Doctoral Student Department of Biblical Exegesis,
      Faculty of Theology
      University of Copenhagen
      No Paper

      Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte, Associate Professor for New Testament,
      Kampen Theological University, The Netherlands
      No Paper – but will be carrying the manuscript of his new book on Paul
      (_Paul the
      Missionary-) with him for previews

      Mark Nanos
      reviewing Stegemann's _The Jesus Movement: A Social History of Its First
      Century_ in the Social Scientific Criticism and the New Testament
      Section, S23-119, Saturday from 4-6:30pm, at RY-Quebec.

      Norman Hutchinson
      No paper

      Peter Zaas
      No Paper

      Jim Miller
      Presenting a paper in the Matthew Section Sunday Morning (S24-17),
      "Divorce in the Gospel of Matthew."

      Lynn Allan Kauppi --representing Abingdon Books
      No Paper

      Kent L. Yinger
      No paper

      Edgar Krentz
      No paper but participating in the Hellenistic Ethics and the NT
      Translation Project of Cornutus

      Lareta Finger
      No Paper

      Jeffrey Gibson
      Presenting a paper entitled “Paul's ‘Dying Formula’: Prolegomena to an
      Understanding of its Import and Significance” on Monday, November 25th
      in the Rhetoric and the New Testament Section (S25-119) (session is
      from 4:00-6:30pm).

      Phil Quanbeck II, Assoc Prof. of Religion Augsburg College, Minneapolis,
      presenting a "paper" titled: "What Then Shall We Say: Silence,
      Speech and the Meta-Argument of Romans 3-11." in the poster session , S
      24-65 on Sunday afternoon.

      Eli Elliot
      presenting a paper entitled, "Attis: A Cubist Portrayal" as part of a
      panel on polytheism in the Greco-Roman Religions Section of the SBL,
      Monday morning, in a session starting at 9am.

      William S. Campbell, Department of Theology and Religious Studies
      University of Wales, Lampeter
      No Paper

      Gary W Burnett, MBCS
      No Paper

      Stephen Finlan, U. of Durham
      No paper

      Grady Snyder
      Presenting a paper on Sunday morning at the Greco-Roman Religions
      section entitled "The Conversionary Use of Graeco-Roman Symbols in Early
      Christian Art."

      Kathy Ehrensperger
      presenting a paper to be discussed in the Romans through History and
      Cultures Seminar Saturday 4pm -6:30pm


      Ernest M. Ezeogu (Ph.D. Cand) Toronto School of Theology
      No Paper

      Thomas R. W. Longstaff, Crawford Family Professor of Religious Studies,
      Emeritus Colby College

      David Barrett Peabody, Professor of Religion, Nebraska Wesleyan
      not giving a paper at the meeting, but will be in Toronto in conjunction
      with the release of a new book and a new, color-coded, electronic
      synopsis of Mark and its parallels. Both should be available during the
      meeting in the Trinity Press International booth.

      Publication information on the book is as follows:

      David B. Peabody with Lamar Cope and Allan J. McNicol, eds., *One Gospel
      from Two - Mark's Use of Matthew and Luke. A Demonstration by the
      Research Team of the International Institute for Renewal of Gospel
      Studies* (Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International, 2002) xvi +
      426pp. ISBN 1-56338-352-7

      The publication information on the electronic synopsis is as follows:

      David Barrett Peabody and Thomas R. W. Longstaff, *A Synopsis of Mark. A
      Synopsis of the First Three Gospels Showing the Parallels to the Markan
      Text (Published by the authors; Distributed by Trinity Press
      International, 2002)

      Mark A. Matson, Academic Dean, Milligan College
      no paper

      Mark Goodacre, Dept of Theology University of Birmingham
      CARG, Saturday, 1-3.30 p.m.: With Jeffrey Gibson, Felix Just, S. J.et
      al: "Studying the New Testament by Email: The Pleasures, the Pains and
      the Prospects for the Academic E-Lists"

      Mark Group, Monday, 1-3.30 pm.: "Mark, Elijah, the Baptist and Matthew:
      the Success of the First Intertextual Reading of Mark"

      Shawn Kelly
      no paper but chairing Synoptic Gospels Section

      Lamar Cope, Carroll College
      No paper


      Jeffrey Gibson
      Summarizing and discussing a paper entitled “Mk. 14:38 as a Key to the
      Markan Audience” in the Mark Group (S24-114) on Sunday, Nov. 24th,
      4:00-6:30 p.m. Room CC-715A (see p. 132 in the SBL meetings book)

      Matt Estrada
      no paper

      Steve Black, Vancouver School of Theology
      no paper

      Gail Dawson, MTS Candidate, Virginia Theological Seminary
      no paper


      Markus Anker, University of Zurich, Switzerland
      No Paper

      Bill Skelton
      No Paper

      Stan Harstine, Assistant Professor of Bible Friends University

      John Morris
      No Paper

      Elizabeth Danna
      No Paper

      Mary Coloe
      giving a paper in the Johannine Literature section on John 12:1-8 and
      involved in the new consulation on Johannine Jesus and History.

      Tom Butler
      No Paper

      Armand J. "Joe" Gagne Jr
      No Paper

      Paul Anderson, Chair, Department of Religious Studies George Fox
      University presenting in the Psychology and Biblical Studies section (a
      revew of Michael Willett Newhart's book) and also will be seeking to get
      a "sense of the meeting" at the John, Jesus and History Consultation.

      Jo-Ann A. Brant, Goshen College
      presenting a paper on “Mimesis and Ezekiel the Tragedian's Exagoge” for
      the Ancient Fiction group on Sunday morning

      Michael Willett Newheart, Associate Professor of New Testament Language
      and Literature Howard University School of Divinity
      responding to reviews of his book _Word and Soul: A Psychological,
      Literary and Cultural Reading of the Fourth Gospel_ in the Psychology
      and Biblical Studies Section (S25-118) Monday 4:00-6:30 at CC-713B.

      Charles Ray, Research Doctoral Programs New Orleans Baptist Theological
      No Paper

      (no attendees)

      T-C LIST

      J. William Johnston, Instructor of New Testament Studies Dallas
      Theological Seminary
      No Paper

      Philip B. Payne (Linguist's Software, Inc.) -- at the Linguist’s
      software booth
      No Paper

      Amy S Anderson
      No Paper


      Jim Davila, St. Mary's College, University of St. Andrews
      Participating in the PSCO panel discussion on parabiblical literature,
      Friday evening.

      His book, _Descenders to the Chariot_, is being reviewed in the
      Mysticism Group on Sunday morning (S24-10)

      Liz Fried
      No Paper

      Robert Kraft
      Presenting in S25-69 NT Textual Criticism, Monday 1-3:30 CC-803A

      Naama Zahavi-Ely
      presenting a paper "Turn Right or Left: Creative use of Dialect in 2
      Samuel 14:19" on Tuesday morning at session S20-10A (the 9-11:30


      Keith Dyer, Prof. NT at Whitley College, Melbourne College of Divinity,
      presenting a brief paper on a reading of Mark at the Bible in Ancient
      and Modern Media sessions

      Jeffrey Gibson
      (for papers, see above in XTalk & Corpus Paulinum Groups)


      Edward Cook
      Presenting a paper entitled The "Kaufman Effect" in the Pseudo-Jonathan
      Targum Aramaic Studies S24-101 Monday 4:30-6:30

      Jürgen Zangenberg, University of Wuppertal, Germany
      No paper

      Rob Kugler
      Presenting a paper entitled “The Testing of Jesus in the Wilderness
      (Mark 1:12-13): Hearing the Account With Mark's Audience” on Tuesday
      morning, 9:00 am, in the Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity


      Jeffrey B. Gibson, D.Phil. (Oxon.)
      1500 W. Pratt Blvd.
      Floor 1
      Chicago, Illinois 60626
      e-mail jgibson000@...
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