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90The Geneology

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  • Larry J. Swain <theswain@sbcglobal.net>
    Jan 30, 2003
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      While writing lectures on Genesis I was reminded again of the theme
      of God opening wombs and baby's of promise being born (Eve, Sarah,
      Rebekah, Rachael), and then ONLY in the geneological lists is the
      paternity stated.

      So I began to wonder if this is idea isn't implicit in Matt. 1:1-17,
      that we are invited to read into the list the miraculous stories of
      barren births behind the geneologies. Luke of course invites us to
      make exactly these comparisons with the conception of John the B
      story. But is Matthew making a similar point, tieing Jesus more to
      Isaac as "sons of Abraham" and promise? What do you all think?

      Larry Swain


      How's that dissertation coming?
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