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76Re: [ematthew] the mission to the gentiles

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  • L. J. Swain
    Oct 23, 2002
      "Munachi E. Ezeogu" wrote:
      > Steve Black Wrote:
      > Mt conflates the sent with the not sent in the "missionary" passage.
      > The motif of family turning against family does not make much sense
      > for itinerants who presumably aren't at home and thus cannot really
      > be betrayed by other family members. Thus it seems that the
      > "missionary" passage isn't entirely a missionary passage at all.
      > ~~~~~
      > In addition, it is to be noted that whereas Mk (6:12) and Lk (9:6) indicate that
      > the disciples actually "go" after receiveing the "missionary" instructions, Mt
      > fails to indicate that the disciples actually "go" anywhere after the
      > "missionary" instructions in chap 10. Is this perhaps a pointer to Mt's interest
      > or lack thereof in outside mission?
      > Ernest Munachi Ezeogu
      > Toronto School of Theology

      Interesting observations, from both of you. I'm not sure I would read
      too much into Matthew's silence.

      a) What do you, Ernest, mean by "outside mission"? If you mean a
      mission among the Gentiles, in Matthew 10 where you observe Matthew not
      mentioning the disciples'departure (or their return later), since this
      "mission" is aimed at Israel. b) since it is interested in Israel,
      would you say that Matthew's community is disinterested in "mission" or
      "making disciples" even within Israel? and if so c) how do we explain
      things like Matt 4 in which Jesus is proclaiming the kingdom to all and
      sundry, or the analogy at the end of chapter 9, and the explict
      statement that Jesus sent them out.

      This is one of those places I think we're invited by the author to
      assume that what he described in 10:5 (These 12 Jesus sent out after
      instructing them....) is what happened. In any case, the focus of the
      section is on Jesus and Jesus instruction, par for the course in
      Matthew, and not the disciples.

      Ernest, I'd still really like to see your ideas on Matt 28:19ff fleshed
      out, and we can do it either as an "article" in prep, or via email
      messages. But you have an intriguing idea.

      Larry Swain
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