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70Re: [ematthew] the mission to the gentiles

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  • L. J. Swain
    Oct 21, 2002
      Steve Black wrote:
      > >Robert Brenchley wrote...

      > As an aside - why is it, do you think, that in NT studies the
      > presence of interpolations are only granted with extreme reluctance
      > whereas in OT studies the are commonly seen everywhere and at all
      > times?? Its not like we have enough textual witnesses to eliminate
      > the possibilities. Scribal activity is just as volatile. Just
      > wondering...

      To a degree, politics. There is more at stake for Christian
      interpreters in the NT than there is in the "OT", so a greater degree of
      precision is necessary to prove something in the received text is an
      interpolation or not. Most Christians could jettison the Hebrew Bible
      and still maintain the tenets of their faith.

      Larry Swain
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