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63Re: [ematthew] the mission to the gentiles

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  • RSBrenchley@aol.com
    Oct 18 11:57 AM
      In a message dated 18/10/02 17:43:32 GMT Daylight Time, eezeogu@...

      > I submit that it is possible to see some consistency in all of Mt's Gospel
      > as it relates to Jews, Gentiles, and access to the message of Christ. The
      > message is directed primarily to Jews. Gentiles, however, are not excluded
      > from it. But there is no requirement to actively invite Gentiles into it.
      > This is what we see in the Coming of the Magi, the Mission discourse in
      > chapter 10 (do not go out of your way to invite Gentiles), the Canaanite
      > Woman in chap 15, and Matt 28:19. Note the interesting case of the
      > woman where Mt changes Mk 7:24 "He went away to the region of Tyre and
      > And he entered a house..." to "He withdrew to the district of Tyre and
      > And behold a Canaanite woman from that region came out and cried..." (Mt 15:
      > 21-22). Mt would not let Jesus go into Gentile territory. The Gentile woman
      > needed to come out to Jesus. I think Steve is right in his observation that
      > what we have in Mt is openness to Gentiles (access) but not mission to
      > Gentiles. If this is correct, then it resolves a major part of the tensions
      > and conflicts we see in Mt.
      > Ernest Munachi Ezeogu
      > Toronto School of Theology

      If Gentiles are to have a status comparable to that of resident aliens in
      the Torah - accepted but not invited, as it were - then that might explain
      much of the text, but it still leaves 28:19 as a problem. It's tempting to
      regard it as an interpolation, but there seems to be a good deal of Matthean
      language there, and it seems like an easy way out.


      Robert Brenchley
      Birmingham UK
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