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155Re: [ematthew] the occasion of the demand for a sign in Matt. 16:1

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Nov 15, 2004
      John Lupia wrote:

      > Dear Jeffrey:
      > This is a question of geography and demography. In
      > both Matt. 16:1-4 and Matt 12:38-39 Jesus is in Upper
      > Galilee. Mt 15:21-28 he is in Lebanon at Saida (Sidon)
      > and Sur (Tyre). Mt 15:29-39 Jesus travels 35 miles NE
      > from Sur (Tyre) to Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee; also
      > Lake Tiberias). Mt 15:29b places him on a mountain
      > along the Lake Kinneret rim. Where is uncertain. The
      > demographic mix would be predominantly Jewish.

      Even assuming that the Matthew's geography is as precise as you believe it is (and
      why do you insist on using terminology for the places named at Matt. 15:21 and
      15:29 that the Matthew himself doesn't use?), there is still the fact that you
      haven't taken account of -- that the mutes were *brought* to Jesus. The real
      issue is where they were brought from, not where Jesus is.

      Besides that, are there no mountains PARA THN QALASSAN THS GALILAIAS that are
      Gentile territory? And what do you make of the description in Matt. 15:38 that
      the healings take place somewhere away from and outside of the region of Magadan?

      Jeffrey B. Gibson, D.Phil. (Oxon.)

      1500 W. Pratt Blvd. #1
      Chicago, IL 60626

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