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109Evangelical Matthew?

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  • Larry J. Swain
    Apr 12, 2003
      Our discussion a couple of months ago on the non-evangelical nature of
      the last verses of the gospel, and discussing things in my Bible as
      Literature class that I teach, and now I wonder about some of the
      other passages that have traditionally been taken as "evangelical" in
      nature: are they? Here I think of the "fishers of men" from chapter
      4, the sower and the seed parable, the "fields are white unto harvest"
      from the end of chapter 9. Are these truly "evangelical" at all? Or
      are they "evangelical" in a sense a bit different than the traditional
      take--that is in light of the "make disciples" statement at the end of
      the gospel...does our understanding of that phrase echo backwards
      through the gospel to color our reading of the previous passages?

      So what do you folks think?

      Larry Swain
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