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2168Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] C-Return no longer working in

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  • Dave Pawson
    Sep 9 12:05 AM
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      On 8 September 2013 17:27, Carsten Bormann <cabo@...-bremen.de> wrote:
      >> From the original nxml-mode readme
      >> "The traditional GNU Emacs key combination for completion in a buffer
      >> is M-TAB. However, many window systems and window managers use this
      >> key combination themselves (typically for switching between windows)
      >> and do not pass it to applications. It's hard to find key combinations
      >> in GNU Emacs that are both easy to type and not taken by something
      >> else. C-RET (i.e. pressing the Enter or Return key, while the Ctrl key
      >> is held down) is available. It won't be available on a traditional
      >> terminal (because it is indistinguishable from Return), but it will
      >> work with a window system. Therefore we adopt the following solution
      >> by default: use C-RET when there's a window system and M-TAB when
      >> there's not. In the following, I will assume that a window system is
      >> being used and will therefore refer to C-RET."
      > Sounds very reasonable to me; that's why I now have those lines in my .emacs.
      > I haven't gone to the trouble finding the checkin that removed the C-RET binding, which is why I only could speculate about the reason.
      > Grüße, Carsten

      It was, and remains reasonable, so why did someone 'who knew better' change it?
      A new windows installation of emacs is also missing 'auto complete' for matching
      closing elements?



      Previously would automatically complete to </doc>.
      It no longer does that. Again someone 'downgrading' the software?


      Dave Pawson
      Docbook FAQ.
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