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2139Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] rnc-mode updated for GNU Emacs 23+

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  • Eric Prud'hommeaux
    Dec 18, 2012
      * Tom Emerson <tremerson@...> [2012-12-18 12:45-0500]
      > Greetings,
      > I noticed that rnc-mode has not been updated for quite some time, and
      > that the canonical download link at Pantor stopped working.
      > I created a repo on github for rnc-mode, and fixed it to work with GNU
      > Emacs 23 and 24. You can clone from here:
      > https://github.com/TreeRex/rnc-mode
      > I will be creating a Marmalade (or MELPA, I haven't decided yet)
      > package for it in the next day or so, which will make it easier for
      > people to install.
      > If you have features/bugs that you'd like addressed, feel free to
      > submit an issue on GitHub.

      I heard from some zealots that HTML5 documents like
      should be editable in emacs. The schema change (e.g. <section/> tags)
      is pretty easy to handle, but I've no idea if nxml-mode could
      conceivably handle the non-XML-ness of HTML5, e.g.
      <pre class="example">
      <script type="text/turtle">
      @prefix : <http://example.org/elements> .
      :atomicNumber 2 ; # xsd:integer
      :atomicMass 4.002602 ; # xsd:decimal
      :specificGravity 1.663E-4 . # xsd:double

      Does it make sense that there could be a feature to change the
      escaping rules inside <script/> elements? (If anyone's dying to know
      how to embed a script in a script, I'll find out.)

      Anyways I'll raise an issue if a brief conversation here gives me
      confidence that it's not an insane feature request.

      I also noticed a while ago that someone asked about an auto-fill where
      once you create an element, nxml prompts you for the embedded required
      attributes and subelements (a feature which I miss from xml-mode).
      Would the poster of that email like to file it as a feature req?

      > Share and enjoy,
      > -tree
      > --
      > Tom Emerson
      > tremerson@...
      > http://www.dreamersrealm.net/tree

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