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210Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] fontification colors

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  • Jason Rumney
    Oct 3, 2003
      Vidar Gundersen wrote:

      > i wonder about the fontification colors used with nxml-mode:
      > the colors used here are given colors, not faces defined in
      > emacs, like font-lock-function-name-face (which is default
      > for start tags in psgml-mode)?
      > can i customize colors in nxml?

      They are customizable, but it would be better IMHO if the default values
      were taken from the closest appropriate font-lock- face. I realise that
      the font-lock face names are not directly applicable to XML, but having
      nxml-mode colored in the author's preferred color scheme makes it clash
      with the rest of my color scheme. Comments at least are directly
      comparable, and it is not a huge leap to see a parallel between
      function-name and element name, and variable-name and attribute name.
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