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208Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] Character entities

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  • Xavier Cazin
    Oct 3, 2003
      Lars Marius Garshol <larsga@...> writes:
      > I think having some form of name-to-character mapping is the way to
      > go, but perhaps there should be support for different kinds of names?
      > Some people might prefer the SGML entity names, others the LaTeX macro
      > names, and still others the names from the Unicode character database.

      I agree, provision for such

      [any typist-readable string] => [character reference]

      mappings would be great. That would imply that user may provide nxml
      with arbitray maps.

      > If there is a configurable mapping list with tab-completion I think
      > that might do the trick. I'd be perfectly happy to insert — by
      > typing C-c something EM SPC S TAB RET, for example.

      Me too.

      > Yep. If the glyph is missing your best reference is really the Unicode
      > code point and the Unicode name. The names are usually accurate and
      > usually quite helpful.

      Agreed again. But since code/names may be unconveniently long, I'd
      rather see a toggle for missing glyphs that either displays a one
      character long default glyph or the whole code+unicode name.

      Would it be bad to represent those unicode names as empty elements
      like <uni:zero-width-no-break-space code="65279" type="sepchar"/>. By
      the way isn't that a favorite way to represent user-defined entities
      (like when James uses <point/> in the source doc for nxml?)

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