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2069Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] Re: Disabling nxml-mode

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  • Peter Flynn
    May 16, 2011
      On 16/05/11 17:48, Steinar Bang wrote:
      >>>>>> Peter Flynn<peter@...>:
      >> DTD parsing (I'm sure nxml has this, I just haven't seen it at work).
      > As others have said: no it doesn't.
      > But creating a RNG schema from a DTD using trang, is really easy.
      > And you can persist the association between your DOCTYPE declaration and
      > the RNG schema you have created.
      >> C-c C-e element insertion with TAB completion according to the DTD;
      >> the population of such inserted elements which have required element
      >> content, and the prompting for required attributes.
      > nxml did go a different route here. You start typing, and then you
      > press C-RET (Control+RET) to get the stuff that expansion can offer.
      > As an example, here's how to create a DocBook document on a nxml on a
      > debian system (standard setup on debian).

      Thank you very much for that, it's very useful.

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