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2061Re: Disabling nxml-mode

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  • Steinar Bang
    May 8 11:10 AM
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      >>>>> Peter Flynn <peter@...>:

      > I don't know, except that I have seen comments that GNU made nxml the
      > default in recent releases of Emacs, so It's unlikely to be James's
      > fault; more likely the GNU people assumed nxml provided the same
      > facilities as psgml,

      They probably made an assumption, but I'm guessing that the assumption
      was that psgml is no longer actively maintained.

      Of course, neither is nxml-mode, unless someone (Lennart Borgman?) has
      picked up the maintenance in the version of nxml-mode that is now in the
      emacs source?

      > which of course it doesn't, not by a very long way (yet, I hope).

      Out of curiosity: what features in psgml are you missing from nxml mode?
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