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2059Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] Disabling nxml-mode

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  • Peter Flynn
    May 8, 2011
      On 08/05/11 08:04, Dave Pawson wrote:
      > On 8 May 2011 05:35, Jason Rumney <jasonr@...> wrote:
      >> Peter Flynn <peter@...> writes:
      >> Replace the autoload line in your .emacs with:
      >> (require 'nxml-mode)
      >> (require 'psgml)
      >> This will ensure that psgml overrides nxml's definition of xml-mode.
      > Guessing you want psgml less than nxml-mode, I simply
      > load psgml-mode when needed, manually.

      For me it's the other way around: I need psgml for everything, and I
      haven't yet found a use for nxml. If I need nxml I can load it manually;
      for my work the default needs to be psgml.

      > Not like James to screw up psgml-mode though. wonder if it's
      > a recent change with all this xhtml added recently?

      I don't know, except that I have seen comments that GNU made nxml the
      default in recent releases of Emacs, so It's unlikely to be James's
      fault; more likely the GNU people assumed nxml provided the same
      facilities as psgml, which of course it doesn't, not by a very long way
      (yet, I hope).

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