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2047Re: Does merge of two schema require rewriting of existing code?

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  • gavenkoa
    Feb 3, 2011
      "gavenkoa" <gavenkoa@...> wrote:
      > I try write compact RELAX NG schema for Blogger template.>
      > What you recommend?
      After spending some effort on this area I found that Blogger template is case of incorrect applying of XML.

      Really Blogger tags used as preprocessor for XHTML, not as structured data. So I stop.

      Backing to subject I can say that built-in Emacs xhtml*.rnc allow merging with other xml schema through named patterns, which present in 'xhtml*.rnc':

      Block.class |= Form.class
      Inline.class |= font | basefont | s | strike | u

      but in some way limited. You can read how this make in

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