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203Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] Character entities

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  • Sebastian Rahtz
    Oct 1, 2003
      > > One is to try and show a
      > >glyph for the referenced character as well as/instead of the reference.
      > > Another possibility is to take advantage of the Unicode names. These
      > >are a bit long to display inline, but they could be used for input and
      > >for providing a tooltip over a character reference.

      I quite like the idea of seeing ߠ[X] where X is the
      actual character if available. but how do you tell if it will
      be available, and not just be a white box?
      The full Unicode name as tooltip would be good, though.

      > > by the way, are there emacs commands to switch from character entities
      > > to UTF-8 and vice-versa?
      > Nope. This is not entirely trivial since character references/entities
      > aren't recognized in all contexts.
      ah, I had not considered that. this is attribute and element names?

      > Is this a feature request?
      Perhaps. The same thing can be done with an identity transform
      using some XML language, so its not vital; but an emacs solution
      would be nice. If my file is full of white boxes, toggling to a
      display full of number codes might be a good alternative view.
      Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@...>
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