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202Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] Character entities

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  • James Clark
    Oct 1, 2003
      Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

      > I find this a bit desparate, to be honest. it perpetuates those
      > short names which, while familiar to SGML english-speaking long-timers,
      > mean nothing to people new to the field.

      In an ideal world, everybody would have their environment set up to
      display all the characters they want and XML files wouldn't use
      character references. I still think this is some way off. Even if you
      have got yourself properly set up, you may need to exchange files with
      somebody who hasn't. So I would like to nxml mode to help people out here.

      I think I would prefer to point people in the direction of character
      references rather than entities. Your point about the short SGML names
      is well-taken. So what's the alternative? One is to try and show a
      glyph for the referenced character as well as/instead of the reference.
      Another possibility is to take advantage of the Unicode names. These
      are a bit long to display inline, but they could be used for input and
      for providing a tooltip over a character reference.

      > by the way, are there emacs commands to switch from character entities
      > to UTF-8 and vice-versa?

      Nope. This is not entirely trivial since character references/entities
      aren't recognized in all contexts. Is this a feature request?

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