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201Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] Character entities

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  • Sebastian Rahtz
    Sep 30, 2003
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      > I think there are legitimate reasons for not using Unicode
      > characters directly:

      agreed in principle, but I am not as convinced as you

      > - you might want to use an encoding that cannot encode a character that
      > you want

      that is the author's choice, to make life hard

      > - Emacs doesn't support all of Unicode yet (Unicode CJK and non-BMP
      > ranges are not supported)

      thats true, and beyond our control

      > - you might not have a font that contains an appropriate glyph for a
      > character

      so we get a font ...

      > - you might have a font with a appropriate glyph but it might be too
      > hard to distinguish from other characters (for example, in a fixed width
      > font an emdash might be hard to distinguish from an endash)


      > Problem (a) is easily soluble by providing a command that allows you to
      > enter a character reference by specifying an entity name.
      Love's sgml-input could obviously be varied to do this in two shakes of
      a lamb's tail

      > Problem (b)
      > is potentially soluble by having a better display of character
      > references. For example, instead of displaying
      > ‘
      > Emacs might display
      > ‘[lsquo];

      I find this a bit desparate, to be honest. it perpetuates those
      short names which, while familiar to SGML english-speaking long-timers,
      mean nothing to people new to the field. it would help a bit, I suppose,
      if its easy to implement

      by the way, are there emacs commands to switch from character entities
      to UTF-8 and vice-versa?

      Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@...>
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