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1937Re: Validation Error, Locating and Fixing

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  • Steinar Bang
    Jul 10, 2009
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      >>>>> "a_stephm" <stephm@...>:

      > 3. When I then attempt to load the .rnc with rng-c-load-schema
      > I get the following error message:

      > Incorrect Schema:"...nxml-mode/schema/xanx.rnc"
      > 4318 "Expected `}' but got `+'
      > 2. More to the point does this indicate some problem
      > with the xsd or the rng converter?

      What I would have done is to take a look at the generated rnc file and
      see if it looked sensible. I would also have tried to parse the schema
      with a different RNC implementation. Eg. can trang load it...? What
      about anything libxml2-based?
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