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1913Validation Error, Locating and Fixing

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  • a_stephm
    Nov 19 4:55 PM
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      I am trying to compile a conforming XML schema to an rnc for use with
      I do the following:

      1. Compile the Xsd to rng with rngconv.jar from
      the Sun Multi-Schema XML Validator.
      This appear to go correctly (except for some
      '"anyType" is implicitly used ...' warnings).

      2. I then convert the rng to rnc using trang or
      using the or RngToRncText.xsl and the cygwin xsltproc

      3. When I then attempt to load the .rnc with rng-c-load-schema
      I get the following error message:

      Incorrect Schema:"...nxml-mode/schema/xanx.rnc"
      4318 "Expected `}' but got `+'

      I have two questions:

      1. How do I convert the token count into a
      line the the rnc produced? I have seen this problem before
      and by shear elimination have managed to get the rnc to
      work, but would like a better way.

      2. More to the point does this indicate some problem
      with the xsd or the rng converter?
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