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1912Re: Cannot get emacs nxml code completion to work

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  • ozi_jdavid
    Oct 28, 2008
      --- In emacs-nxml-mode@yahoogroups.com, "Niels Giesen"
      <niels.giesen@...> wrote:
      > The completion does not use a simple taglist, it is more intelligent
      > than that: if a table tag would be invalid in the context,
      > nxml-complete will not complete it. You did not give us enough context
      > to judge whether the tag in question would be valid. Please provide a
      > minimal but complete example where it should complete (in accordance
      > with the DTD) but it does not.

      Thanks to everyone for their help. I have mananged to solve the
      problem. This issue arises from the fact that I am using Docbook v5.0
      and the supplied nxml-mode refers to Docbook 4.5 DTD. Referring to the
      'Docbook V5.0 Transition Guide', I edited my
      'site-lisp/nxml/schemas.xml' file to associate the Docbook V5.0
      elements with the appropriate schema. It now works whenever my
      document refers to "http://docbook.org/ns/docbook".

      I must have done the association when I initially installed both emacs
      and nxml-mode but not since I re-formatted the hard drive. Thanks once
      again to all who helped.

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