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1908Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] Cannot get emacs nxml code completion to work

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  • Niels Giesen
    Oct 24, 2008
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      "Lennart Borgman" <lennart.borgman@...> writes:

      > On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 10:52 AM, Niels Giesen <niels.giesen@...> wrote:
      >> If yes, customize `nxml-bind-meta-tab-to-complete-flag' to t:
      >> M-x customize-variable RET nxml-b TAB RET. Hit toggle button. And one
      >> of save for current session or safe for future sessions.
      >> Then typing M-TAB (or probably: M-C-i as `true' M-TAB is most of the
      >> time intercepted by a window manager for window cycling).
      >> Cheers,
      >> Niels.
      >> PS:
      >> (setq nxml-bind-meta-tab-to-complete-flag t)
      >> In your .emacs works too of course, with less clutter.
      > No, it is not guaranteed to work.

      Grmbl, you are right... why not?

      Of interest to the OP, this lead me into actually reading the
      documentation for `nxml-bind-meta-tab-to-complete-flag', where it says:

      *Non-nil means bind M-TAB in `nxml-mode-map' to `nxml-complete'.
      C-return will be bound to `nxml-complete' in any case.
      M-TAB gets swallowed by many window systems/managers, and
      `documentation' will show M-TAB rather than C-return as the
      binding `rng-complete' when both are bound. So it's better
      to bind M-TAB only when it will work.

      So C-Return should work any time, out of the box. Didn't know that.
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