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1889Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] False-positive validation errors

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  • Lennart Borgman (gmail)
    Aug 13 12:40 PM
      Lucas Gonze wrote:
      > On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 2:44 AM, Lennart Borgman (gmail)
      > <lennart.borgman@... <mailto:lennart.borgman%40gmail.com>> wrote:
      > > I think everyone is aware of that, but no one has had time to fix this.
      > > Or, rather, that it handles your transitional files at all is a fix.
      > That is one way to fix it. But that doesn't address the larger issue
      > that failing silently when there is no schema is a bug. I have spent
      > a lot of time figuring out that the problem in my HTML is actually in
      > the validator. I then found a place to report the error to XHTML-mode
      > owners. They told me it was a problem in nxml-mode. I reported the
      > problem on the nxml-mode wiki. No answer there. I waited a couple
      > weeks to be sure that was not a usable way to reach the maintainers of
      > nxml-mode.

      Thank you for your patience and endurance.

      I have put a note at the top of the nxml-mode page on Emacs Wiki to
      avoid such situations in the future.

      I think the lesson you have learned this hard way is worth attention. It
      is quite hard to avoid this confusion with software maintained the way
      Emacs libraries are. Lack of time and understanding of the complexities
      that can arise are two difficulties (but I am sure there are more).

      Perhaps you want to give some suggestions to the Emacs Wiki maintainers?

      Then I looked for another potential home for maintainers,
      > found this group and reported the error. All that work was caused by
      > the error happening silently rather than being explicit.
      > If nxml-mode doesn't have a schema to validate a file, it should
      > disable validation and report the lack of a schema to the user.
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