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1882Re: False-positive validation errors

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  • Steinar Bang
    Aug 13 9:13 AM
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      >>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@...>:

      >>>>> "Lucas Gonze" <lucas.gonze@...>:
      >> ... Can you help me understand the difference between .rnc and .rng?

      > RNC and RNG are two different syntaxes for the Relax-NG schemas. RNG is
      > an XML representation of the schemas. RNC (aka "the Relax-NG compact
      > notation") is an, as it says, compact, and also very human-readable
      > format for the Relax-NG schemas.

      FWIW I do all my schema editing in the RNC notation. When attempting a
      move to XML schemas, I got too annoyed with the verbosity and "noise"
      cluttering up the logic. The response to my complaints have been "it's
      supposed to be edited using GUI tools, one should not attempt hand
      editing these schemas".

      The XML notation of Relax-NG is far less cluttered than XSD, but it's
      still far harder to read than the same schema in the compact notation.
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