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1837Re: let's do something about spam

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  • Xah Lee
    Jun 3, 2008
      Hi Dave Pawson,

      Great. Thanks.

      I was thinking we can make the group moderated, if the spam continues. Because i know
      for one person to handle the drudge of deleting spams daily may be too much.

      Btw, i was wondering whether nxml mode should become part of gnu emacs? Or, anyone
      know how it compares to emacs default?

      i havn't worked with xml much, but recently dl'd nxml and read about it. Seems the
      thousand lines with full parser is real quality work.


      --- In emacs-nxml-mode@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Pawson" <dave.pawson@...> wrote:
      > 2008/5/31 Xah Lee <xah@...>:
      > > i just installed nxml and joined this group.
      > >
      > > however, first 2 messages i got was spam. I was going to unsubscribe but i thought...
      > >
      > > Can we do something about that?
      > >
      > > yahoo groups allow groups of moderators... so we can set the group to mod and filter
      > > just the bot spams... i run a few yahoo groups... usually what i do is simply not
      allowing bot
      > > posts to go thru.
      > I am a moderator of this group.
      > I do delete spam, and remove the sender.
      > It is an open list so I can't stop new ones
      > joining.
      > regards
      > --
      > Dave Pawson
      > XSLT XSL-FO FAQ.
      > http://www.dpawson.co.uk
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