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1284Re: [emacs-nxml-mode] customizing a grammar and location grammar

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  • Florent Georges
    Mar 3, 2006
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      Vincent Lefevre wrote:

      > On 2006-03-02 13:43:38 -0600, Chris Chiasson wrote:

      > > I wanted it to be in /path/to/locatingrules and set the
      > > content of /path/to/schemas.xml accordingly,

      > > <documentElement localName="locatingRules"
      > > uri="locatingrules/locate.rnc"/>

      > > but nxml mode ignored it.

      > This should work. Otherwise this is a bug.

      Mmh, I think it's more complex.

      Clearly, nXML needs information before loading the first
      schemas.xml, if you want it validates the document. So the
      variable 'rng-schema-locating-file-schema-file'.

      You could argue that if at some point in a schemas.xml,
      nXML sees an entry about locating rules type definition, it
      can use this new one from this point. But what does mean
      this? Only if 'rng-schema-locating-file-schema-file' is nil?
      Only for the next schemas.xml in the same reading (included
      with 'include')? Only for schemas.xml files included
      directly or indirectly *from the one where the rule is
      defined*? For all loading of any schemas.xml from now? Etc.

      I think it's legitimate for nXML to even require that you
      set 'rng-schema-locating-file-schema-file', and to prohibit
      using schemas.xml rules for that. Though I'm not sure it is
      the case.



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