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1279customizing a grammar and location grammar

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  • Chris Chiasson
    Mar 2, 2006
      Hello emacs-nxml-mode list,

      In trying to customize the docbook 4.5CR1 rng model by paralleling


      I wondered, "Is there a way to reference the public version of, say,
      docbook and have nxml automatically map that to my local version?"

      For example:

      <include href="http://www.docbook.org/rng/4.5CR1/docbook.rng">...</include>

      would automatically find my local copy of the docbook grammar in a
      different directory?

      So, uh - is there?

      Also, my .emacs file has

      (setq rng-schema-locating-files '("schemas.xml","/path/to/schemas.xml"))

      and nxml mode wants locate.rnc to be at /path/to/locate.rnc.

      I wanted it to be in /path/to/locatingrules and set the content of
      /path/to/schemas.xml accordingly,

      <documentElement localName="locatingRules" uri="locatingrules/locate.rnc"/>

      but nxml mode ignored it.

      In fact, without changing my /path/to/schemas.xml file, moving
      locate.rnc to /path/to/located.rnc causes everything to work fine.

      Is there a way to make nxml mode handle /path/to/schemas.xml and

      I didn't append my schemas.xml file because I don't want to use the
      default file.

      Thank you for your expertise and time. Sorry for the verbosity.

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