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Re: arm binary producess "bus error"

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  • Gerfried Fuchs
    Hi! Sorry for late answer, but I see that noone has answered yet. ... Cool. Don t hesitate *runsandhides* ... What OS are you using? There are precompiled
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 23, 2004
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      Sorry for late answer, but I see that noone has answered yet.

      * dmt00000 <dmt00000@...> [2004-09-29 06:35]:
      > Anyone who, unlike myself, knows what they're doing with elvis's code,
      > please feel free to help on this one. ...Otherwise I have to use Vim!

      Cool. Don't hesitate *runsandhides*

      > I've compiled a binary for Strong ARM SA-1110, kernel 2.4.6.

      What OS are you using? There are precompiled elvis binaries for Debian
      available, at least. You can find them here:
      <http://packages.debian.org/elvis-console> -- you might be able to
      extract the binary only and try to use it. I suggest you the
      elvis-console package because it isn't compiled against the X11
      libraries and you will have less worries to get all the dependencies
      sorted out. You'll just need libc6 and libncurses5, which you can find
      linked at that pages, too.

      Extracting those packages might be some work, but it can be worth it --
      for other OSes than Debian that is. If you use Debian you can simply
      take the .deb and install it right ahead.

      > It can print the help message to screen, but otherwise simply produces
      > "bus error"

      Could you maybe put up some strace of your starting tries and send the
      URL for the file?

      > I also cross-compiled the ncurses that I'm using---5.2. (I tried a
      > pre-compiled libncurses.so, but I couldn't be confident that it
      > matched the libncurses.a that I had compiled with (I assume that
      > matters). In any case, neither object seemed to make a difference.)

      Yes, the libncurses.so should match your libncurses.a, otherwise I
      guess you'll run into problems. Especially the ncurses.h header file
      should match your .so file; it's not so much the .a file but the header
      file that has to match your .so file.

      So long,
      P.S.: I might get access to some arm machine that is running Debian, so
      I could try to help to debug that. Currently that machine isn't up,
      though; so it might take me a while.
      Some threads never die, they just change their subject.
      -- Erich Schubert

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