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    We will not try to escape, could you escort us to the temple of Organa and we will explain, once our man has been stabilized? Grim asks. We are clearly in
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      "We will not try to escape, could you escort us to the temple of Organa and we will explain, once our man has been stabilized?" Grim asks. "We are clearly in no condition to prevent you and your men from arresting us."

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      The Stinettian Centurion slows and holds his men a few feet away.

      He looks at you, your wounds, your dying comrade, the fact that you've CLEARLY been in a massive battle very recently.

      "Uh," he says. "What do we have here? What... uh... Tell me your situation."

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      > "Grimey"'s shoulders slump at the sounds of the guards and he moves to stand
      > next to Neflker before dropping to one knee with his head bowed.
      > He mutters "This ought to be fun explaining..."
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      > >
      > >
      > > The dwarf moves off, staggering through the streets. The rest of you
      > > follow. People eye you suspiciously, like predators, but you keep walking.
      > >
      > > Soon you're entering nicer parts of town, large thoroughfares with
      > > merchants and townsfolk. They eye you too, though more in nervous fear. As
      > > you walk people cross to the other side of the street, go silent or move
      > > away.
      > >
      > > Soon you can SEE the spires of the Organa temple (and the massive spires of
      > > the Antilles temple) rising over houses a few blocks away...
      > >
      > > Then, from the side comes an authoritive shout:
      > >
      > >
      > > You look over and see a squad of Tanalasta Diplomatic Guardsmen hurrying
      > > towards you from a side street. They're Stinettian Legionairres, highly
      > > trained men jogging in matched step up the road, their large square sheilds
      > > moving in unison.
      > >
      > > Their officer holds out his arm as he closes with you. His sword isn't
      > > drawn, he's not overly angry, but he's certainly concerned.
      > >
      > > "You people, hold where you are!"
      > >
      > >
      > >

    • READ,Adrian
      “Not that feel like doing anything other than resting right now,” Lenneral says quietly as he raises his head from his chest where he sits, “But now that
      Message 51 of 51 , Nov 2, 2010

        “Not that feel like doing anything other than resting right now,” Lenneral says quietly as he raises his head from his chest where he sits, “But now that they are exposed, we may need to exploit the situation while we can.”


        “So best we start to sort through all our papers and other findings to see what we have and where it may lead us,” he suggests. “And who this wizard may be. He’ll be a danger to us for sure.”


        “We also have to consider that our identities are now known. And plan with this in mind.”


        “The Shaman knows us. The wizard could possibly scry us. The crowd that saw us exit the sewers. The Tanalasta guard. The clergy and healers here – after all, how many poisonings are there likely to be at one time?”



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        Lodz is glad that his fine, aquiline features were not spoiled by unsightly wounds. He ferrets around for something to eat.


        Later, he uses his last remain two remaining spells to identify the silver bracers from the Shaman he killed, and the sharp shortsword.


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        The Centurian just stares at Grim, eyes wide. He scratches his chin and looks around and then back to he and Gilbearro. He's clearly at a loss. Finally he shrugs.

        "Ok. That is... uh... well, it's way above my pay grade. So, your guys can come in. I'm going to get a message to some of my bosses. You're still Persons of Interest but I'm releasing you to the Temple guards. "Don't leave here. If you do, you're violating the law and... Just don't leave."

        He goes out, barks some orders, and the soldiers escort everyone inside. He has a word with the priests and they fall on you, taking you away.

        Within minutes you're all in a large room, being Healed and bandaged and cleaned. They fuss over you all... Bandrax, Lenneral, Krarken and Gilbearro especially.

        After about an hour, you're all sitting on couches, bandaged and in robes with your gear off being cleaned. Priests have promised you food and drink and you are alone. Bandrax the dwarf is with you. His eye has been lost - he now only has one - and he's scarred.

        Gilbearro's nose is crooked; Lenneral and Krarken will always have huge scars.

        Then the door opens and Sudipel comes in, weak but alive. You got him here in time.

        You survived.


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