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GO-alition news

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  • Elaine Lewinnek
    Here s the news from yesterday s GO-alition meeting at City Hall. SUCCESSES HARBORSIDE TRAIL -- The state DOT has agreed to pave the bike-path by the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2004
      Here's the news from yesterday's GO-alition meeting at City Hall.


      HARBORSIDE TRAIL -- The state DOT has agreed to pave the bike-path by the
      Kimberly-avenue bridge, when they work on the I-95 bridge over the West
      River, around 2008. Thanks for all the letters you wrote! Our lobbying paid

      FARMINGTON CANAL -- the Farmington Canal Trail's Phase II design is almost
      ready to go to the state DOT. The next step, within two months, is a public
      meeting in Newhallville, so look for the announcement about that. This is
      great movement. Phase II will bring the bike path north towards Hamden, and
      Hamden is working on completing their section southwards, so within a few
      years we'll have a good continuous segment of path from New Haven through
      to Hamden and Cheshire too.

      But there's still work to do.

      need the Orange-street bike lane fully striped. Right now, there's no line
      showing how close to the curb the cars have to park, so -- as I'm sure
      you've noticed -- the cars tend to encroach on bicyclists' narrow-space. We
      need to get that parking-line striped, but this depends on weather, on
      clearing the cars away, on getting the striper-guy out there, or maybe on
      getting the parking & traffic dept to prioritize this -- it wasn't clear to
      me quite how we can get this done any faster. The mayor had proposed a
      ribbon-cutting on a monday afternoon in April, but we decided to wait until
      the lane is fully finished, and to try for a weekend or evening
      ribbon-cutting time when more people can show up, all in orange, to
      celebrate our first bike lane.

      move forwards on choosing where the next bike lane will go, on Chapel, Elm,
      Edgewood, or Whalley. City Plan and the GO-alition already identified the
      westville corridor as the next area for a bike lane, and we all on
      ElmCityCycling put in our opinions about existing routes, and now it's up
      to the parking & traffic dept to do specific measuring of each street.
      Peter Chapman, Ben Caldwell, and I volunteered to work on helping them get
      that done.


      ARTS & IDEAS PARADE -- This year, the Arts & Ideas festival will open with
      a Carnival parade down Grand Ave to the New Haven Green, June 12 at 1 pm
      (rain-date is June 13). Peter Chapman proposed figuring out how many bikes
      it will take to haul one of those new busses (of course, with a bike on its
      new front-bike-rack). Later Thursday night, after the GO-alition meeting,
      Meg Fama proposed making a Triplets-of-Belleville style group-ridden
      bicycle parade-float. Anyone interested in working on the Bike Float in the
      parade? Talk to Meg (meggster320@...) or Matthew Feiner at the
      Devil's Gear. We're also, of course, leading lots of public bike tours
      during the festival, almost every weekend in June, this will be a great
      time to encourage bicycling in New Haven.

      BRAKE THE CYCLE OF POVERTY TOUR -- in August, a Quaker woman named Pat is
      leading a group of Catholic bike-riders on a 6-day bicycle trip across the
      state, with an anti-pocerty theme, starting in Manchester, and finishing
      August 6 on the New Haven Green. Anyone want to help out with their New
      Haven finale? Talk to Paul Wessel, PWessel@...

      ELECTRIC PEDICABS -- Paul Hammer and a NYC group are beginning to think
      about bringing this to New Haven.


      MEETING WITH POLICE -- Joe Jolly suggested that we sit down with police, to
      let them know that bikes belong on the road, and to let them know that no
      one leads Critical Mass so they shouldn't expect that, and to simply defuse
      any possible friction. Joe's working on setting up a meeting. Also, FYI,
      Paul Bass of the New Haven advocate is writing an article about our
      Critical-Mass encounter with the police last week. I think it will be a
      positive article, publicizing the mass, I hope.

      TEACHING SAFE CYCLING & DRIVING -- Laura Clarke & Peter Chapman have been
      working on a flier offering tips on sharing the road. If anyone has good
      models of fliers from elsewhere, let Laura know, at lwclarke@...

      MAKING A BIKE MAP OF NEW HAVEN -- Ben Caldwell, Brian Marcaurelle, and I
      have been spending our Thursday lunches at city hall, taking the routes
      that you all came up with last fall, and inputting them into the city's GIS
      mapping software. Soon we'll have a draft to show you. Anyone have
      map-design experience who wants to help out?

      So much good stuff going on!

      Finally, in not-really-biking news, the Parks department is looking for
      camp counsellors for the summer. You'd get to teach bicycling,
      rock-climbing, kayaking and other fun stuff, you'd get trained in all of
      it, you'd get free housing in a parks dept house, $10 an hour, and the fun
      of working with New Haven kids outdoors. Talk to Martin Torresquintero if
      you're interested: MTorresq@... , 946-6768.

      The next GO-alition meeting is Thursday, May 6, at 5:30 pm, in the city
      plan conference room, on the 5th floor of City Hall.
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