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Green Streets New Haven-update

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  • John Halle
    Hi all, Its time to get back to work on the Green Streets New Haven initiative which, you may remember, is the document which describes the changes that we see
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2002
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      Hi all,

      Its time to get back to work on the Green Streets New Haven
      initiative which, you may remember, is the document which describes
      the changes that we see as necessary to make New Haven more bicycle
      and pedestrian friendly. These will include traffic lights at
      particularly hazardous intersections, bike lanes where these will
      significantly enhance safety, rerouting of one way streets to allow
      for shortened routes between certain key destinations. I hope you
      will join me in discussing the specifics of these and other

      For now, I'm pleased to report that after some uncharacteristically
      savvy political maneuvering, I have now received the personal
      commitment from members of the mayor's administration that they will
      look favorably on the Green Streets proposals.

      Their support, however, will be contingent on their being convinced
      that there is a significant constituency for the recommendations
      contained therein.

      So here's what I need from you to help me out: the following is the
      text of a petition which articulates ideas which, I assume, we pretty
      much all agree with. I'm asking you to print out the text and
      circulate it among your friends and acquaintances who ride. Then
      return it to me-either by mail (22 Eld St. New Haven CT 06511), drop
      it off at my house, or at the critical mass rally on the 31st. (I'll
      be posting a notice about this soon.)

      If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email
      me back or call me at home at 785-9258.


      John Halle
      Green Party Alderman
      Ward 9, New Haven, CT


      Assistant Professor of Music
      Yale University

      CSMT: 203-432-4164, 432-2531
      Dept of Music: 203-432-2985
      Home: 203-785-9258


      We the undersigned are regular bicycle commuters in New Haven who are
      continually endangered by traffic patterns and road design which at
      present make virtually no accomodation to the needs of cyclists.

      The result is that we are either forced on to the sidewalks where we
      interfere with pedestrians or we are forced into our cars, increasing
      congestion, air pollution, and diminishing the city's (and our own)
      quality of life.

      We strongly support a Green Street's New Haven initiative which
      recognizes the merits of cycling and walking as a primary form of
      transportation and which will develop a comprehensive program to
      encourage all citizens of New Haven to exercise these healthy and
      environmentally responsible transportation options. The initiative
      will include specific recommendations for minor but important
      alterations in transportation infrastructure which will make the
      streets more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

      We recognize that in the current budgetary climate large expenditures
      will not be possible. We stress that most of the required
      changes-selective rerouting of one way streets, installation of bike
      lanes on a few streets, a few additional traffic lights will require
      comparatively minor investments of taxpayer dollars.

      What is primarily needed, we believe, is a tangible commitment on the
      part of the city to explore alternative transportation options and to
      implement these whenever possible.


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