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Fwd: HELP! Gregarious souls needed for Festival Funcycle

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  • Elaine Lewinnek
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003
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      From: "Tracey Burrill"
      Subject: HELP! Gregarious souls needed for Festival Funcycle
      Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 11:30:15 -0400

      O, Intrepid Cyclists:

      First, sharing a personal note: All of this research for Cycle City has so inspired me that for the first time in my life I ve been commuting to work by bicycle.  Three days a week I ride from Cheshire to the Fest --on my beloved Devil s Gear Fugi and I m feeling much more intrepid for it.  (I m hoping that this information will so impress you that you ll jump to offer your help on the following: )

      Please forward this mail to anyone you think might be willing to join in:

      • The Visions and Voices bicycle tours are still without confirmed leaders we need two people.  One leader for the June 21, 2:30 PM tour, one leader for the June 22 2:30 PM tour.  Aleta Staton, the Community Programs Associate, 946.3819, will give you the sites to be visited, and you can create the best route.  You should probably consider routes that are easy-intermediate.

      • AND:  I need to confirm that we have experienced riders to help us manage the Bicycle Jam.  Please give me a ring or an email so that I can mark you down and count you in, confirmed.  We need people to help register/number everyone, help get riders lined up, and then to ride alongside the Parade, trouble-shooting.  (We want the Wheelmen on their antique cycles to be in front, setting a leisurely pace).  Also need folks to people intersections, and two per street to guard against wayward parkers pulling out at inopportune moments/cheerily guide people and troubleshoot.  Those riding alongside, those peopling intersections and those stationed on streets can be JUDGES FOR PRIZES, too.  Matthew Feiner will be setting up a repair station on Temple, and has very graciously donated bike paraphernalia galore for prizes. We have the WHOLE GREEN blocked off for the Parade YAY!!! so we ll go left from Audubon onto Whitney, take Church to Chapel, right on Chapel, right on College, Right on Elm, right on Temple and stop in front of Center Church for the doling out of prizes and awards [we re hoping that you ll be feeling so gregarious by that time that you ll want to help do the doling, and come up with some inventive and wildly funny awards on the fly.]  There will be bike racks available for free bike parking on Temple Street, and on Audubon.

      There will be a volunteer green room with bagels, coffee, fruit & water on Audubon for Cyclist Volunteers and the Wheelmen.  We want some people to arrive for the Jam at 11:00, to help with set-up/registration, and some to come at noon to help line-up & get ready to ride Parade begins at 1:00 PM, ends at 1:30. Prizes awarded at 1:45, Center Church.  Bring your bullhorn.

      Please let me know soon if you can help so I can confirm it and move on to the billion other things&. One of our speakers, from Russia-- just cancelled this morning, AFTER we sent his non-refundable airline tickets! ACK!

      All the best,


      Tracey Burrill

      Ideas Programs Associate

      International Festival of Arts & Ideas

      195 Church Street, 12th Floor

      New Haven, Connecticut 06510



      203.498.2106 fax


      reply-to tburrill@..., not this whole list

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