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opinions on new "bike route" on Quinnipiac

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  • Heather Hendry
    Hey, kids, This weekend I noticed that there s suddenly 2 signs that say bike route/share the road with a bike graphic along Quinnipiac avenue going south-
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2003
      Hey, kids,

      This weekend I noticed that there's suddenly 2 signs that say "bike
      route/share the road" with a bike graphic along Quinnipiac avenue going
      south- one just south of the grand street bridge and one four blocks later,
      close to the ferry street bridge turn-off, by Jepson elementary school.

      These seem strange to me, and are definitely related to how Fair Haven
      heights has been up in arms about the increased traffic and congestion
      following the ferry street bridge closing. At a previous community meeting
      with the city planners, I pointed out that the re-laned grand street bridge
      is now too narrow for car + bike in a single lane, so a "share the road"
      sign on the bridge itself would be helpful. Instead, these ones on
      Quinnipiac appeared, along with some other traffic-calming devices which are
      still in progress. This summer should see striping for parking or actual
      bump-outs put in, new crosswalks at all intersections on that strip, and
      speed-measuring signs, and I hear there's chance of a future mile-long walk
      and bike river trail some day. Painting a real bike lane has been rejected
      repeatedly. So right now, it's a very unpleasant ride, always either
      congested or full of speeders or both- not how I see a bike route at all.

      I'm really of two minds on this, as I think bike routes are great, but
      quinnipiac is honestly a horrible road for bikers, and I'm not sure that we
      should be teaching New haven drivers that this is what a bike-route looks
      like. I certainly don't want our upcoming route to East Rock to be like
      Quinnipiac is now. Also, if I were a new biker who didn't understand the
      history of the neighbourhood, I'd be extremely confused as to where the rest
      of the alleged bike route was. But maybe this is a great opportunity to
      reclaim Quinnipiac as part of a ring-around-the-city...

      What does everyone else think?

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