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FW: [nyc-in-march] Bike Events March 19th and 20th

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    anyone want to go to this event in nyc?? keep on biking in the freezed world -john ... From: todd eaton To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
      anyone want to go to this event in nyc??
      keep on biking in the freezed world

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      Subject: [nyc-in-march] Bike Events March 19th and 20th
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      Subject: Bike Events March 19th, and 20th
      Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 12:26:07 -0500

      Bicycling...a quiet statement against oil wars.
      MARCH 19TH-20th �It's time to TAKE ACTION!!
      go on�take a
      Sat March 19th
      11am @ Central Park

      Saturday, March 19th, marks the 2nd anniversary of the U.S. invasion
      of Iraq, and is a worldwide day of protest. In NYC, people will march
      from Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem to Central Park's East Meadow to
      demand the immediate, complete, and unconditional withdrawal of U.S.
      troops from Iraq.

      FREEDOM RIDERS will converge upon Central Park @ 11am riding the loops
      in support of theTROOPS OUT NOW rally. At noon, riders may either lock
      up joining the rally or head out onto the streets to ride together.

      The objective of the FREEDOM RIDERS is to express opposition to Bush's
      war, to demonstrate oil-free transportation, and to assist pedestrian
      peace protesters in any way we can.

      Sun March 20th
      Noon @ Marcus Garvey Park
      E. Harlem NYC (124th St at 5th Ave.)

      Come together to celebrate BIKES!
      Speak out against War!
      Stand up for Community�jobs education, and healthcare!
      Bring food, signs, whistles, bells, tambourines, or just your own voice.
      Oil-free entertainment will be provided.

      Followed by BIKE BLOC. Location: TBA Still We Ride!
      X-UP! encourages everyone to form their own biker groups, hit the
      streets together all weekend long, and let the world know �NO MORE OIL

      Rock a Bike.

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