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Re: [Elm City Cycling] I didn't want to believe it

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  • Mary Tirozzi
    Laura, I m so sorry to hear this but I m glad you are okay. Riding at night alone is probably not a good idea although these sorts of things can happen at any
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 22, 2012
      I'm so sorry to hear this but I'm glad you are okay.  Riding at night alone is probably not a good idea although these sorts of things can happen at any hour.  
      Happy Thanksgiving
      Ride safe

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      On Nov 21, 2012, at 8:01 PM, laura burrone <laura_burrone@...> wrote:


      At about 5:10 pm I was heading toward the Wednesday night ride, traveling down Goffe toward the Green, when a young man of about 15 bolted out of the park at County Street and knocked me to the ground and rode off on my bike.  OUCH, my arm hurts as I landed full force on my elbow.  It was a bold move, I was shocked, to say the least.  About 10 minutes later a different teen walked up with my bike and returned it.  I guess the perp didn't want to ride a girl's bike.  (The other teens in the park were teasing the thief, "you're riding a girl's bike, you hit a girl!")

      The police and EMTs responded quickly and they were supportive.  All the stories I've read about biking incidents had me worried, but I felt they responded appropriately.  Bandaged, bruised, and a little shaky, I am home now thanks to a good Samaritan who witnessed the events, called 911, and stayed with me to be sure I was OK. 

      So now I have a dilemma.  Most everywhere I go requires that I ride down Goffe.  UGH, I don't want to think about putting my bike in the car just to get to the start of a ride a mile or so from my house.  Nor do I want to take Whalley, or Chapel, or Elm.  I guess I will ruminate on this some more and consider the time of day as a factor.  Please feel free to make suggestions or pose alternate routes. 

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  And ride safely. 

      Laura B.

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