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  • Elaine
    Hi folks, do we want to do this? Yale s public-service groups have a December fair. We could sell fund a bike helmet for a New Haven kid or almost anything
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2004
      Hi folks, do we want to do this? Yale's public-service groups have a
      December fair. We could sell "fund a bike helmet for a New Haven kid" or
      almost anything else. We just need some committee leaders, to share the
      planning work. Let me know if you're interested.

      ----- Forwarded message from Johnny Scafidi <johnny.scafidi@...> -----

      >>>Dear Dwight Hall Affiliated Agency,
      >>>We want to invite you to participate in our "Alternative Gift Market"
      >>>this year! We have attached an invitation letter and registration form
      >>>in this e-mail. You can send the registration form via e-mail
      >>>(hannah.croasmun@...) or you can fax it to us (432-2425).
      >>>The main text for the invitation letter is below:
      >>>For the past couple of years, one of our student-run member groups
      >>>(Reach Out: The Yale College Partnership for International Service) has
      >>>run an Alternative Gift Marketat Dwight Hall to raise money for
      >>>development projects throughout the world by encouraging people to buy
      >>>alternative gifts: such as pigs, ducks, seeds, books for schools, and
      >>>healthcare/medicine (given to international communities in the name of
      >>>the gift recipient) rather than the traditional holiday gifts. Last
      >>>year, Reach Out raised over $8500 for sustainable international
      >>>development projects.
      >>>This year, in conjunction with Reach Outs international efforts, we have
      >>>decided to expand the Alternative Gift Marketto include and support
      >>>local New Haven nonprofit agencies by giving you the chance to sell
      >>>alternative giftsto benefit your organization! The Alternative Gift
      >>>Market will be held on Wednesday, December 8th, 2004 from 1:00 6:00 PM.
      >>>Possible gift ideas include: Items on your organizations wish list,
      >>>providing the cost of services that your organization provides, little
      >>>gifts or crafts that your clients create, or your can even come up with
      >>>your own creative alternative giftideas!
      >>>If you are interested in participating in the Alternative Gift
      >>>Marketthis year, please fill out the attached form with the $10
      >>>registration fee* (to cover the cost of renting tables, etc) and send or
      >>>fax it back to us (information is below). Since space is limited, we
      >>>will accept the first 25 organizations that apply before November
      >>>12th So act quickly if you would like a table!
      >>>(*Please let us know if you need to waive the registration fee.)
      >>>If you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to
      >>>call us at: 432-9041 or e-mail hannah.croasmun@....
      >>>We hope you and your agency will be able to participate in this exciting
      >>>Best Wishes,
      >>>Johnny Scafidi
      >>>Program Director
      >>>Dwight Hall at Yale
      >>>PO Box 209008
      >>>New Haven, CT 06520-9008
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