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Re: John Ellwood of Dufton

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  • Gillian Mc kenna
    Hi All, John Ellwood of Dufton Hall, from the diary below, died 18 Sep 1872. His wife Nancy died afterwards 20 Oct 1876. In both cases probate was granted to
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      Hi All,

      John Ellwood of Dufton Hall, from the diary below, died 18 Sep 1872. His wife Nancy died afterwards 20 Oct 1876. In both cases probate was granted to John William Ellwood, yeoman of Dufton, their son.

      As far as I can tell, there are no longer any Ellwoods living at Dufton Hall (1881 - 1911). I wonder what happenned to them?

      John Ellwood and Nancy (Bell)

      Mary b1825
      Anne b1827
      Betsy b1829
      Hannah b1832
      Jane b1834
      Nancy b1836
      Ruth b1839
      John Wm b1839



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      > Wonderful! Thanks for sharing Gillian!
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      > Hello All,
      > I came accross this story about Ellwoods of Dufton from the archives of the
      > Cumberland & Westmorland Herald.
      > Enjoy!
      > Gillian
      > Cumberland & Westmorland Herald
      > Saturday, 21 August 2004
      > Recent contributions include a fascinating batch of typed manuscripts, dated
      > 1953, all concerning the village of Dufton and, in particular, the Ellwood
      > family who once resided at Dufton Hall.
      > The Ellwoods were an old land-owning family who, as far back as 1653, bought
      > a property near the hall, known as Hall Gate, formerly owned by John
      > Langhorn, until he "went beyond the seas".
      > One of the articles is based on a diary kept by John Ellwood, who resided at
      > Dufton Hall during the mid-1800s.
      > John clearly relished good food in ample quantity, for he recorded having
      > hosted the Rev. John Richardson, headmaster of Appleby Grammar School, and
      > treating him to a most wonderful dinner.
      > According to the Ellwood diary for 25th November, 1860, "We had a roast
      > goose and a boiled round of beef and plum pudding and all sorts of fruit for
      > desert. We had bitter bottled beer and draught beer and sherry and port wine
      > to drink at dinner."
      > And that was not all, for "after dinner we had sherry, port and sweet wines
      > and brandy, whiskey, rum and gin".
      > It is not surprising that Mr. Richardson returned a week later, accompanied
      > by his son and, also, one of the Appleby Grammar School boarders. This time
      > the menu consisted of "roast sirloin of beef, boiled leg of mutton, plum
      > pudding, desert, beer and wines, as before".
      > Dinner-time details dominated the diary entries, for on Christmas day John
      > Ellwood and his guests sat down to a roast goose, roast sirloin of beef,
      > plum pudding and "all other requisites".
      > The articles, kindly sent by David Foster, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, are
      > clearly the work of the distinguished historian and journalist, C. Roy
      > Hudleston, who was editor of the Penrith Observer in the 1950s and enriched
      > its pages with many articles of local history. He later co-wrote the fine
      > book, Cumberland Families and Heraldry.
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