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Re: [ellwood] Ellwood family stories

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  • Genie Zappanti
    Thank You again! What great information! ... From: Steve Hayes Date: 7/18/2011 10:38:07 AM To: ellwood@yahoogroups.com Subject: [ellwood] Ellwood family
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      Thank You again! What great information! 
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      Date: 7/18/2011 10:38:07 AM
      Subject: [ellwood] Ellwood family stories

      Jennifer Guthrie wrote in an Ellwood message board some 9 years ago:

      This is what I found out when I wrote my Aunt who has done much research into
      both the Mattingly and Ellwood lines. (My grandmother is Lorena Maretta

      Andrew Thomas Ellwood, born January 28, 1898 in Newcombe, Elliott Co.,
      Kentucky; died December 27, 1925 in Red Ash, Whitley Co., Kentucky. He was
      the son of Samuel Wooldridge Ellwood and Rebecca B. Coburn. He married Hazel
      Ellen Green March 13, 1918 in Campbell Co., Tennessee.

      Hazel Ellen Green, born July 11, 1902 in Whitley Co., Kentucky; died June 13,
      1972 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. She was the daughter of Homer
      Gilmore Green and Lucy Abner.

      –––Thomas Ellwood was killed at the age of 27. He was shot by his Father-in-
      Law, Homer Green. According to news reports, Homer had been drinking ( home
      brew ) and was trying to shoot his wife, Mae with a pistol. Tom and another
      man disarmed Homer, but he got a shotgun, and shot Thomas through the heart.
      Homer spent two years in the state penitentiary sentenced to hard labor. Tom
      was originally buried in Proctor Hollow (property of Hugh Finley), KY. When
      Hazel died in 1972, the remains of Thomas were moved to Jellico Cemetery .
      Hazel is buried next to him.

      Their children are:
      i. Gladys Evelyne Ellwood, born February 11, 1919 in Red Ash, Whitley Co.,
      Kentucky; married Hunter LePhiew Pinney December 03, 1943; born February 12,

      ii. Howard Wellington Ellwood, born August 26, 1921 in Red Ash, Whitley Co.,
      Kentucky; died October 25, 1944 in San Francisco, California; married Maureen
      June Clemence April 01, 1944; born January 08, 1926; died May 21, 1989 in
      Auckland, New Zealand.–––––Howard Ellwood died in San Francisco while still
      in the U.S. Navy.

      iii. Lorena Maretta Ellwood, born June 23, 1923 in Red Ash, Whitley Co.,
      Kentucky; married Marvin Justin Mattingly June 18, 1949 in Louisville,
      Jefferson Co., Kentucky.

      iv. Dorothy Mae Ellwood, born November 26, 1925 in Red Ash, Whitley Co.,
      Kentucky; died November 02, 1996 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky;
      married Frederick Taber June 05, 1949 in Louisville, Jefferson
      Co.,Kentucky.–––––Dottie was killed in Louisville, Ky by her husband. Claimed
      "mercy killing" due to her advanced stage of Alzheimer's. Was tried for
      murder but convicted of reckless homicide in September 1997. Was sentenced to
      7 years. Will probably not have to serve due to his advanced age and his
      daughters support.

      –––When Thomas Ellwood was killed his daughters were apparently sent to live
      in an orphanage for a while.

      === end of quoted message ===

      We have just discovered that the Andrew Thomas Ellwood referred to was my
      wife Val's second cousin twice removed, thanks to Genie Zappantie, who sent
      us the tree of that side of the family - and Jennifer's account adds several
      pieces of information that Genie didn't have, so hope it will be useful.

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
      Web: http://hayesgreene.wordpress.com
      E-mail: shayes@...

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