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  • Steve Hayes
    Here s an answer, for now, to the question I posed a while back. ... From: Stan Catterall To:
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      Here's an answer, for now, to the question I posed a while back.

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      Hello again Steve,

      I concur with Gillian re children of Thomas and Mary Loy. Three died in
      infancy and don't know of any marriage/children for Robert or Sarah. For the
      record Thomas married twice more after the death of Mary Loy; Mary Ellwood on
      13/04/1783 (no issue) and of course, Elizabeth Willon 23/11/1784.

      You are correct that I am descended from Ann Ellwood & Thomas Parker (they
      were my grt, grt, grandparents) and, as I like to boast when I get a chance,
      another stem (via their son Thomas) connects to the royal family.

      With respect there is no evidence of a link to Thomas Ellwood & Elizabeth
      Dobson, though the debate seems unending. I have a Thomas on my tree born
      'about' 1670, but who his parents were and baptism date are not known,
      there is a gap in the parish records for this period.



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      On 24 Jun 2011 at 20:49, Stan Catterall wrote:

      > Mary Westmorland was baptised at Milburn in May 1731 which would make her 23
      > years of age when she married Thomas, at Milburn, in June 1754. She is not
      > in my lineage so I have never researched her but fancy she would have
      > started her family about 1755. There is a Thomas & Mary Ellwood that would
      > fit nicely into the time frame, with children baptised at Dufton between May
      > 1755 and Dec 1773 inclusive, and in every case the Dufton parish records
      > show the parents to be ‘Tomas & Mary of Sandrigs’.
      > “If” this is Mary Westmorland she would be about 43 in Dec 1773
      > and I would guess her child bearing days were then over.
      > Thomas Ellwood and Mary Loy (baptised 1746) married @ Dufton in May 1771, so
      > it is reasonable to assume any children would begin to arrive on the scene
      > in about 1772, which is exactly when the first born son Edmund arrived.
      > Also, against each baptism entry in the parish records for their five
      > children the parents are recorded as ‘Thomas & Mary of Dufton’.

      Hi Stan,

      Thanks very much, that all makes perfect sense. We've only recently
      discovered our connection to those families, and so are still trying to sort
      out the links between them, and which kids belong to which families, so your
      comments are very helpful.

      Do you happen to know if any of Thomas and Mary Loy's kids went on to marry
      and have children of their own?

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
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