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Hannah Ellwood & John Young

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  • Steve Hayes
    For the last few days we ve been looking at this family. Bruce Morrison s web site reports that Hannah ELLWOOD married John Young and emigrated to the USA, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2011
      For the last few days we've been looking at this family.

      Bruce Morrison's web site reports that Hannah ELLWOOD married John Young and
      emigrated to the USA, and has no further details.

      This is what we have managed to find so far:

      Family Group Report
      For: Hannah Ellwood (ID=17161)
      Date Prepared: 15 Dec 2011

      NAME: ELLWOOD, Hannah, Born ??? 1824 in Whitehaven, CUL, ENG,
      Died ??? 1860 in Pennsylvania, USA at age 36; FATHER: ELLWOOD,
      Robert, Born 11 Jan 1789, Died 24 Jan 1862 at age 73; MOTHER:
      SAXON, Martha, Born ??? 1797, Died ??? 1846 at age 49

      MARRIED 16 Aug 1845 in Monk Hesleton, DUR, to YOUNG, John, Born
      ??? 1824 in Houghton le Spring, DU, Died ???; FATHER: YOUNG,
      Hutchinson, Born Dec 1795, Died ??? 1874 at age 78; MOTHER:
      PARKINSON, Margaret, Born ??? 1793, Died ???; Emigrated to
      Philadelphia, USA, in Sep 1852

      1. F YOUNG, Martha, born May 1850 in Monk Hesleton, DUR, died
      2. F YOUNG, Margaret, born May 1852 in Monk Hesleton, DUR,
      died ???
      3. M YOUNG, John, born ??? 1853 in Pennsylvania, USA, died ???
      4. M YOUNG, Joseph, born ??? 1855 in Pennsylvania, USA, died

      Hannah was born in Whitehaven in 1824, and in the 1840s the whole family
      moved to Durham, where she met and married John Young.

      In 1852, with their two young dauthers Martha and Margaret, they sailed from
      Liverpool to Philadelphia.

      They appear to have had two more children in the USA, Joseph and John, and
      then Hannah seems to have died.

      John Ellwood then apparently married the widow Hannah Baily (or Bailey or
      Bayley), and they had a son Jonas Young in about 1863. Since Jonas wasn't an
      Ellwood, he is of less interest to us.

      The combined families seem to be shown in the 1870 US Census living at
      Ashland, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.

      Things we are looking for (if anyone else is also interested in looking) are:

      1. Any mention of these families in the 1860 US census.

      2. Any record of the death of Hannah (Ellwood) Young in the period 1857-1862.

      3. Any record of the marriage or death of any of their children.

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
      Web: http://hayesgreene.wordpress.com
      E-mail: shayes@...
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