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332Samuel & Hannah Ellwood

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  • Steve Hayes
    Jul 24, 2014
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      I sent some reports to Nicola Thwaite by personal e-mail, as I did not think
      they would interest everyone on the list, but I'm commenting here on some of
      the points she made in reply, as others might be interested and possibly have
      some information to contribute.

      These concern James the son of Samuel Ellwood.

      On 22 Jul 2014 at 14:27, Nicola Thwaite wrote:

      > Dear Steve,
      > Thanks for these.  I've had a quick look at the James file and I'm interested
      > to see that you're still recording his birthplace as Dufton, as I think all
      > the evidence points to him being born in Newton in Cartmel, but I can't see
      > anything else I disagree with.  I think the only things I can add are the 2
      > additional children from the 2nd marriage and possible Kendal marriage that I
      > sent the other day. If I find out more details about the Kendal marriage to
      > confirm/reject or find deaths or marriages for any of other children, I'll let
      > you know.  (And if you work out if it was this Mary or her cousin who married
      > James Nicholson in 1812, please let me know too.)

      As for the birthplace of James, we got that originally from Barbara Newby on
      Mundia, but I don't think she had the baptism information, so we've amended
      ours accordingly.

      Concerning the marriage in Kendal, it seems that, even though Samuel &
      Hannah's four children were baptised at Cartmel, though some sources suggest
      that the youngerst, Isabel, was born at Kendal. She died at Newton aged 9.

      It seems that the family may have returned to the Kendal area for a while,
      for John to have met his future wife, Jane Coulthre3d, there. So it is
      possible that James also met his future wife there.

      Bear in mind that these places are not very far away from each other.
      Underbarrow is within 5 miles of Cartmell Fell (4.4 as the crow flies).
      Cartmell Fell is in the same parish as Cartmel, yet is closer to Underbarrow
      than it is to Cartmel, and is only one mile farther from Kendal than it is
      from Cartmel.

      > Also, re Samuel Ellwood, the son of James's second marriage, I think he may be
      > in Liverpool in 1851 & 1861, working as a warehouse porter, which would
      > explain how he ended up in Cheshire.  The entry in 1861 is odd, as it seems to
      > say 'Lancashire, Cartmill' but then Lancs is overwritten as Hampshire which is
      > how it's been transcribed. He's boarding with a family from Cartmel though. 
      > 1851 just has Lancs, but is almost certainly the same man.  I know there
      > are other (unrelated?) Ellwoods in L'pool, so for the moment it's an uncertain
      > but possible match. If you want to have a look for yourself, the refs are
      > 1851 Class HO107; Piece 2181; fol 345; p.48
      > 1861 Class RG 9; Piece 2675; fol 111; p.32

      I'll see if I can find those. There are a fair number of related Ellwoods in
      Liverpool too, so we'd need to go through what we have on them.

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
      Blog: http://hayesgreene.wordpress.com
      Web: http://www.khanya.org.za/famhist1.htm
      E-mail: shayes@...
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